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  • Arkansas National Guard TAG review of UV light fixtures big hit

    On Sept. 2, 2020, the Adjutant General of the Arkansas National Guard, Maj. Gen. Kendall Penn, visited with the 189th Airlift Wing. The visit included a re-enlistment of a junior noncommissioned officer from the 189th Logistics Readiness Squadron as well as a tour of the 189th Operations Group, where he was briefed on the recent installation of the FAR UV Light System. Maj. Justin Fitzpatrick, who spearheaded the project, explained the process to the TAG as well as future plans for the product.
  • 189th Airlift Wing creates dedicated space for nursing mothers

    Recently, the 189th Airlift Wing in collaboration with the Arkansas Department of Health’s Office of Health Equity, Healthy Active Arkansas, the Arkansas Breastfeeding Coalition, and the Association of State Public Health Nutritionists, opened a lactation room, providing a comfortable space for mothers who are breastfeeding or expressing breast milk. The room, located in the 189th Medical Group building, consists of a sink, a locking door, literature on breastfeeding, chair, and a refrigerator to store expressed milk.
  • Air National Guard wing receives UV light disinfectant system; first in DOD

    Recently, the 189th Airlift Wing in coordination with the wing’s innovation team, started the process to implement the Krypton Light Disinfection system. Working with FAR UV Technologies, a Missouri-based technology company, the wing plans to install 50 UV lights throughout the campus and eventually innovate ways to utilize the light sources inside aircraft. The company was awarded a one million dollar contract to initiate the project with the wing. The goal of this partnership is to eventually encourage other units to purchase the same light system through accelerated means. As of now, the 189 AW is the first unit in the Department of Defense to utilize this system.
  • Operation Deep Freeze: maintaining the mission

    The air is crisp and cold, the sun providing little to no warmth, Antarctica gives the portrayal of a frozen wasteland with endless white. While this is what many perceive, the truth is that there is a vast array of life and wonder on this continent. Operation Deep Freeze, a support effort conducted by the Department of Defense assists the National Science Foundation in its effort to explore and research the continent and all its mysteries. Members of the Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, Army, and National Guard carry out the annual operation under Joint Task Force - Support Forces Antarctica led by Pacific Air Forces.
  • Aircrew Flight Equipment team creates masks for flyers

    Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the 189th Airlift Wing’s innovation skyrocketed to keep the flying training mission going. The Aircrew Flight Equipment section recently made more than 200 masks to assist C-130H aircrew in their flying, cutting, sewing and fitting masks for each flyer.
  • Loadmaster duo keeps family tradition

    The Air National Guard is known for its Guard family mentality. While this means many different things, you will often find generation after generation of families working in the same unit, even within the same or similar specialties. Family cohesion within the Air National Guard is no exception. The 189th Operations Group, the Air National Guard’s center for training aircrew and supporting the C-130H mission, is home to two loadmasters who share the same passion for the aircraft and the responsibly their job entails.
  • The lasting change: adapting and learning

    Today’s Air Force is changing rapidly. Being an Airman means more than simply knowing your job. Your responsibilities often lie outside your comfort zone and expectations are higher than ever. With deployments on the rise, morale sometimes hard to find, and the constant awareness of personalities or changes of Wingmen around you, adapting to a fast-paced and ever-changing environment is essential to keeping your mind sharp and staying focused. One Guardsman embraced this significant change during a recent deployment.
  • Jacksonville community awarded Great American Defense Communities award

     The Association of Defense Communities recently awarded Central Arkansas as one of the five 2020 classes of Great American Defense Communities. The ADC is an organization with the mission of supporting all branches of service at the national level with and through the support of communities and states that are home to military installations. 
  • Simulated training prepares security forces for real-life events

    Lights off, the screen on, two security forces Airmen walk into the simulator and pick up their weapons. Master Sgt. Jeremy Covington, the 189th Security Forces Squadron S4 superintendent and instructor of the use of force simulator, opens the program and a non-lethal use of force scenario appears on the screen. The defenders encounter a clearly agitated individual who will not heed their warnings. Pulling out a taser designed specifically for the training simulator, one Airman feigns the man on the screen into a passive state.
  • Cyber community makes plans for new AFSC

    Career field managers and functional area managers within the Total Force cyber community gathered at the 189th Airlift Wing Nov. 19 - 20, 2019, at Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark. The group collaborated over the course of several days to develop a training plan, establish new expectations of students and instructors, improve the mission defense team training plan and incorporate the developments into a new cyber Air Force specialty code. The new AFSC, 1D7, is expected to become an operational AFSC, separate from the communications career field.