January Warrior of the Month: SSgt. Justin Davis

  • Published
  • By SrA Ian Caple
  • 189th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Rank and Name:
SSgt Justin Davis
Unit: 189th LRS/LGRVM
Job Title: Vehicle Technician
Status: Traditional
Hometown: Fresno, CA
Civilian Employment: Schlumberger
Family: Wife and IWhy I joined the Guard: I joined the National Guard after I served 6 years active duty as a c-130 engine mechanic here on Little Rock AFB. I joined 2 weeks after I got out of active. Once I was out I had the need to still serve my country and continue my years I had left in the Guard. I knew I still wanted to be a mechanic, so I re-enlisted into vehicle maintenance and love the job, the work and people. When I'm not working here I am working at Schlumberger as a Oil Field technician on tractor and trailers, been with them now for 4.5 years and the guard now for 6.5 years and recently re-enlisted for 6 years back in May 2012. I'm looking forward to going past my 20 years in service here to get the most out of it.
Most rewarding part of my job: Learning new things and meeting great people.
Hobbies: Watching movies, video games, racing, working on cars, outdoors, taking trips, relaxing at the house.
My favorite movie is: Hard to say what my favorite movie is, but I love action, horror, suspense, comedy and sci-fi.
My favorite TV Show(s): Don't watch TV much but would have to say comedy shows and any car building and racing shows.
My favorite book: Really don't have any.
A perfect day would be:
A perfect day would be to have won the lottery and start my own business and do what I've always wanted to do in my life.
I admire: I admire all the people in my life that give me support in everyday occurrences when needed.
Something no one knows about me: Back in High school I was invited to join a soccer team that was going to travel all over California to compete. They took the best players of 10 teams that competed the season before, which I was a full back on one of them, then joined them into the team named the "ALL Stars". We trained for 1 month, and then financially the team could not survive, so they shut us down. I had a chance to travel California and possible the US as professional soccer player. I played soccer for 7 years.