July Warrior of the Month: A1C Orlando Roberts

  • Published
  • By SrA Ian Caple
  • 189th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Unit: 189th FSO/FSS
Job Title: Airman Family Readiness Assistant/ Services
Status: ADOS Orders
Hometown: Jacksonville, Arkansas
Civilian Employment: Full-Time Air National Guard
Family: Mother Terri R Wright, Brother De'Lano
Why I joined the Guard: I joined the guard for the educational
benefits and fulfillment in my life.
Most rewarding part of my job: I get to work with everyone in
the wing. I truly enjoy helping our members and their families.
Hobbies: I play softball on base with the 189th AW Team. I
enjoy cooking and traveling.
My favorite movie is: "Love in Basketball"; even though
I'm not the most talented in playing, I love the passion both
characters had for the game and each other.
My favorite TV Show(s): Recently I have been on Netflix
catching up on "Sons of Anarchy"
My favorite book: I honestly don't read for entertainment. I
read the newspaper every Sunday and watching a lot of the
History Channel and news programs.
A perfect day would be: It would start off with the smell of
breakfast coming from the kitchen when I woke. After eating
and watching ESPN's Sports Center I would get dressed and
begin my day. The perfect day for me has no room for
worrying. I would have a full tank of gas and a pocket full of
cash. Who knows what I would end up doing.
I admire: My mother for her selflessness and determination.
She is one of the many reasons why I am the man I am
today. If it wasn't for her showing me the right way of
doing things, the lord only knows what I would be doing.
I am thankful that she has taught me the meaning of hard
work and nothing is free in life. No one owes you anything,
you have to earn it. When you earn something it is truly
better, you value and cherish it no matter what it is.
Something no one knows about me: Growing up my grand
mother told me my father's dad was Italian, so as a child I
often dreamed and wanted to be in the Italian mob. I
watched all the gangster movies and thought I would be
just like Al Pacino. Except for the dying parts in all the
movies of course...