Personal accountability and the CUI

  • Published
  • By Col. Richard Oxner
  • 189th Airlift Wing vice commander
As we quickly approach the Comprehensive Unit Inspection in December 2012, I would like to clear up a few myths.

Myth 1) This is going to be painful.

Inspections are not painful and are only stressful to those not doing their jobs or fulfilling their responsibilities. An inspection is only a HHQ check on how we are complying with standards set by the Air Force and the Air National Guard, nothing more, nothing less. Are you meeting standards? You are personally accountable for your AFSC duties, assignment duties, position duties, additional duties and personal requirements such as shots, dental checks, CBTs, dress and personal appearance, etc, so get on board and fulfill your role.

Myth 2) It is focused on the full time staff.

Everyone, from the newest Airman to the Wing Commander has a role in the success of an inspection, regardless of duty status. As an Airman, you have responsibility for yourself and your actions. When you attend Unit TRAINING Assemblies, are you being trained or areyou training someone else? Are you completing ADLS required training? Personal Accountability of each and everyone makes this about much more than the full time force, it is about the Wing, which is 60% Drill Status Guardsman. Each member that fulfills his roles and obligations to the unit makes the unit run more efficient and contributes to its success. Where everyone takes care of their personal responsibilities, a late roster doesn't exist, overdue items are never an issue, compliance is 100% all the time and the unit is always ready for an inspection.

Myth 3) Once the inspectors leave, we can go back to "normal operations".

Myth 1 above becomes a reality when we go to "normal operations" and fail to maintain personal accountability or meet standards for the periods between inspections. WE, as a taxpayer funded entity, OWE Americans our BEST, EVERYDAY we wear the uniform. We will be the best we have been in 4 years by December 2012, so let's keep it that way and continue to improve. If we do this, I promise you, any future inspection from any organization or command will be just like another day in the office with just a few extra people looking over our shoulders.

The time is now to embrace personal accountability regarding your actions and performance, with 800 members committed to performing their best and taking responsibility to ensure their duties and responsibilities are completely fulfilled, we will the further separate ourselves from the rest of the ANG and continue to be "The Best ANG unit on the planet".

Ducimus - WE LEAD