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  • March 2016 Warrior of the Month: Senior Master Sgt. J.D. Crawford

    Rank and Name: Senior Master Sgt. J. D. Crawford. Unit: 189th Safety Office. Job Title: Occupational Safety Manager. Status: Technician. Hometown: Brinkley, Arkansas. Civilian Employment: Safety Office, 189th Airlift Wing. Family: Carrie L. Crawford. Why I joined the Guard: After serving on active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps, I wanted to
  • A photojournalist’s perspective on the 57th Presidential Inauguration

    Sometimes life throws once-in-a-lifetime experiences at you. The opportunity, as a journalist, to travel to our nation's capitol and cover the men and women of the Army and Air National Guard working the 57th Presidential Inauguration is overwhelming. Add to that participating in such a historic mission as a junior enlisted airman on your first
  • Honoring our RF-101 veterans

    Over 20 retired airmen that flew and maintained the RF-101 Voodoo aircraft attended a dedication ceremony on Oct. 31, 2012 at Little Rock Air Force Base's Heritage Park. The Air National Guard aircraft display was recently moved from the 189th Airlift Wing campus to the LRAFB Heritage Park in August. A dedication ceremony was the perfect way to
  • Staying on track at local speedway

    Cheering fans, the sound of racing engines preparing for competition, the aroma of concession stands filling the air with the sweet flavors, souvenir stands selling racing-checkered flags and a 1/4 mile red clay-dirt track is ready for the Saturday night races to begin. These are the memories that have led Master Sgt. Paul Ording, 154th Training
  • Airmen prepare for glory

    For as long as civilizations have organized militaries, physical wellness and strength have played an integral role in the establishment of those forces. In the Old Testament book of 1 Chronicles, chapter 7 records the "mighty men of valor" who served in the army of Israel - men "fit to go out for war and battle." In ancient Greece, Pheidippides