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  • CUI commentary

    CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE EXCELLENT! The 189 AW received an overall "EXCELLENT" grade from the Air Education and Training Command Inspector General (IG) team with two sub area grades of "OUTSTANDING". That is great news and serves to validate our personnel, programs, processes, and our culture of

  • "2F" 101: The key to holiday happiness

    Well, it's that time of year again--can you believe it's already here??--and the holidays are upon us. We are all making plans for the host of activities and travel that comes along with the season. But along with those plans, travel, and fun comes some dangers that we should all take a moment to

  • Congratulations on ‘satisfactorily’ passing your CUI

    As we approach our upcoming Combined Unit Inspection (CUI), many folks in the wing may be curious about the inspection scoring system. The baseline passing score for the CUI is Satisfactory, which means your wing is in compliance. If all we do is "comply" our final grade will be: Satisfactory.

  • Personal accountability and the CUI

    As we quickly approach the Comprehensive Unit Inspection in December 2012, I would like to clear up a few myths.Myth 1) This is going to be painful. Inspections are not painful and are only stressful to those not doing their jobs or fulfilling their responsibilities. An inspection is only a HHQ

  • The medical mission

    Ensuring the individual medical readiness of 189th Airlift Wing and supported GSU war fighters is an extremely important component of the 189th Medical Group mission statement. This statement covers everything from promoting fitness, to fitness assessment medical exemptions, to labs and